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Need for kisan Rail from Salem

The farmers’ agitation seems to have revived interest on the Kisan Rail as another incentive to farmers spread across the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the 100thKisan Rail from Sangola, Maharashtra to Shalimar, West Bengal through video conferencing. Delhi is connected with Anantapur (AP), Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Nagpur

States sugarcane BIMARU 2021

For years the ‘BIMARU’ states were complained of pulling down the growth indicators of the nation. It is a welcome change that these very states are undergoing spectacular transformation through the focus on development and jobs


Re-incarnation of Sagar’s Ramayan THE UNPRECEDENTED total lock- down has demanded a total change in the daily routine of the citizens. It shouldn’t be easy for all to adjust to this change, especially for those on whom time hangs heavily. Working out of home calls for attitudes and disciplines of different kinds. Most