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We’ll all be impacted by AI

AI denotes a broad umbrella of hardware and algorithms encompassing machine learning as its subset, which, in turn, has deep learning as its subset. In 2016, Sundar Pichai declared that the next 10 years would see a world ‘that is AI first.’ In simple words, AI is the simulation of human Intelligence

The new Titans

Recent years witnessed the rise of corporates in new domains as also the fall of established ones. Remember the dominance of Chrysler, Kodak and GE in the US and their precipitous fall? The IT evolution threw up new giants not just confined to the US but across the globe. New

MORE with Amazon, no more with Birla

Once upon a time, Kumar Birla dreamt of making more millions from the retail sector. His huge investments in More have gone up in smoke. The question asked for some time ‘Will Aditya Birla group sell its retail chain, More?’ now gets the answer. The global e-commerce titan Amazon has procured

India at the bottom for expats

Indian managers are heading multinationals in large numbers. Well-educated and brilliant, you can find them as expatriates leading multinationals in several countries. The Expat Insider 2018 survey released by Inter Nations provides some interesting data on expats. Look at the highlights: Indians who move abroad have an average age of 36