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Labour Bills 2020

Labour Bills 2020 - Debatable Codes Labour Bills 2020 - Government has passed three labour codes in the short monsoon session - the Industrial Code Bill 2020, the Code on Social Security Bill 2020 and the Occupational Safety and Health and Working Conditions Code Bill 2020.  These long pending reforms are

No more palliatives

“Terms of trade are favouring the urban middle class at the cost of the farmers,” said former Finance Secretary Dr S Narayan. Speaking at the Triplicane Cultural Academy, Narayan pointed to food inflation kept low: “production of foodgrains is high; states like Madhya Pradesh have registered agri-growth by 10 per cent

Coming up: big-ticket changes

There is an urgent need to alter the way students learn and teachers teach engineering. Mandatory internship in industry, and compulsory pre-course orientation for students, plus a certification course for new teachers are a must. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman AICTE, is pushing for big change. For India to grow, we must have

Citizen, pull up your socks

What we, as citizens, must do to discharge our responsibility before we charge the government for not doing enough. Cricket is our biggest sport, Bollywood our greatest pastime, and armchair politics, our most magnificent obsession. Our compulsive urge to discuss should normally be considered a great strength in a democracy. But