My Tryst With Covid-19

Tamil Nadu was the earliest among states to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Chief Minister E K Palaniswami assisted by TN Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr Vijaya Bhaskar and a prized team of senior civil servants, acted fast. Capacities available with the government and private hospitals, educational institutions... were

GST formula suffers a hit

The Corona virus seems to have knocked the bottom out of the Indian economy that suffered the steepest fall. The country’s GDP contracted by 23.9 per cent in the April - June quarter. INDIA BEGAN PUBLISHING quarterly figures on the economy from 1996. This is the sharpest contraction in GDP since

A wakeup call for Indian ports

Beirut Ammonium Nitrate Explosion is a wakeup call for Indian Ports. There is need to increase the level of risk awareness in handling and storing of chemicals and other hazardous goods. International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code has to be implemented with rigour and operational discipline rather than just looking


The pandemic has affected our life, livelihood and lifestyle. When it comes to life, we do not know who will be quarantined next. What we do, where we go and whom we meet, is now a matter of life and death. That’s sad but it’s true. As to livelihood four things are

Uneasy track

Even in the 1950s through 1970s India had a reputation for constructing a large number of railway and power transmission projects in a number of countries in Africa, South East Asia... IE has referred to BHEL winning orders for high pressure boilers from Malaysia in the 1960s even before its

Reliance – seeking global alignment…

Successful corporations develop a high performance ethic by aligning their entire workforce with the values and vision of the corporation. A high performance culture is built on a shared vision, a shared large purpose, larger than that of any individual or group of individuals and a trust that every individual

Reliance – bringing the world to India

“Dhirubhai is not in the pink of his health. The stroke he suffered a couple of years ago appears to have caused partial paralysis of his right arm. As he was getting down the platform after the press conference was over, leaning on the shoulders of chief executive Malhotra, the