She changed the face of Delhi

Sheila Dikshit made a lasting contribution to raising the beauty and infrastructure of the national capital New Delhi as one comparable to several other world capitals. The best tribute to Sheila Dikshit came from her bitter political adversaries: from Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to Arvind Kejriwal. They paid lavish

Time to change gear

The way India drives vehicles may change soon and we will possibly witness a revolution in road safety. The government has approved the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill and has pronounced stringent penalties for contravention of traffic rules. Welcome harsh provisions have been proposed for juvenile driving, driving without a permit, unsafe

A wrong precedent

When we talk about mutual funds, we immediately relate it with SEBI’s mandatory warning: “Mutual funds are subject to market risk, please refer to investment document before investing.” In an unusual move, HDFC AMC has taken over the risk in its own book and has not passed it on to the

Torchbearers to trailblazers

This book is for anyone who wants to know about the culture and work style of the Tatas. HBS scholar Shashank Singh has done a great job in documenting the best practices that have helped India’s most respected group move the distance from Good to Great. BEYOND A CENTURY OF TRUST The

Future of digital security

In 1991, a group of researchers developed a method for date-stamping digital documents so that they cannot be backdated or tampered. In 2009, ‘Satashi Nakamoto’ used this blockchain technology for Bitcoins. While Bitcoins was its first ever transaction, blockchain has now found lots of other uses. This technology, touted as the