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DOSE BHARAT – A scheme to help the jobless

DOSE – Help the jobless


Here is a scheme, DOSE, to encourage employment growth  through contributions from  those  employed, supplemented by government funding  through MGNREGA.

INDIAN  ECONOMY  FACES a severe crisis due to lags in not tapping the market potential for goods. Buying  power depends on a large number of families with disposable incomes. One approach  to boost the buying potential  is to decrease unemployment and  increase the wages  earned. The author TS Gopalan suggesst a model that envisions a government administered cash subsidy scheme to motivate corporate/private employers to hire more persons.

Suggestions for Employment Growth

a) Job creation subsidy fund : All salaried employees should contribute a share of their income to a job-creation fund, both to protect their own future and to ensure greater employment.

b) DOSE : A government of India corporation should be formed to collect the  contributions from salaried employees and to disburse subsidies for new employment. (DOSE}. Initial  funds for  DOSE  Bharat  will be through  an en masse transfer of the annual allocation for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA). All salaried employees, who  are income tax assesses, will be mandated to contribute 5 per cent of their taxable income to DOSE Bharat.  Likewise, government pensioners should contribute 10 per cent of their pension. An amount equivalent to the contribution made by government employees should be matched by the government. Companies who have  to provide for corporate social  responsibility should be contributors to DOSE (the formulas to be worked out). Everyone with  a stable income must contribute to DOSE that strengthens national security through job T.S GopalanDownload PDF article to Read More


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