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Read before you buy...

Sugar-free, fiber-rich, honey-dipped, light, traditional, genuine… These are just some adjectives that our tempting teatime partners, biscuits, use to describe themselves. A turn around to the back of the packet reveals the ingredient details and how true the claims are. The Marie light biscuit claims to add 56 calories when 2 biscuits are munched!

    CONCERT, a public charitable trust, under the lead of G Santhanarajan (GS), Director, Concert Trust, have tested 34 biscuit varieties categorised in six groups from 5 states on the basis of health and safety, quality and packaging and labeling. The categories are - marie, arrowroot, salt, milk, cream and bakery biscuits. In marie biscuits, Sunfeast marie light scored 82.58 per cent, in arrow biscuit category Britannia nutri choice scored 83.06 per cent, in cream biscuits Complan cream biscuit scored 79.38 per cent followed by Britannia bourbon-the original which scored 76.66 per cent. In the salt category Britannia time pass scored 76.66 per cent and in milk biscuits Parle-Milk Shakti scored 78.26 per cent. GS requested consumers to become aware before purchasing products and question on various aspects. He pointed to instances of milk solids like Complan, Horlicks which claimed to increase height and weight. When questioned about the scientific proofs, the companies could not prove it and eventually the advertisements were removed.

    He stressed on consumers to become more knowledgeable and question such unproven claims for the betterment of society at large. A similar comparative test was also done for pickles.

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