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A catalyst for economic development...
A climate of peace and safety attracts investment into industry, business and infrastructure. Yes, maintenance of public order is a catalyst for economic development.

The police has an important role to play in a fast changing socio-economic environment. It has to function effectively to overcome new challenges and threats to ensure an investment-friendly climate.


Special care of industrial areas

Over the years the Tamil Nadu police has ensured proper maintenance of law and order. Religious festivals, major agitations, protests and visits to the state by dignitaries, including foreign

dignitaries, are all professionally handled. The mammoth elections to the Parliament and to the Assembly have been conducted smoothly by the police. The state police maintains congenial atmosphere for industrial growth by promptly attending to problems and conflicts that arise in the industrial sector.

Policing needs in industrial areas are taken care by police stations covering the relevant territorial jurisdiction. The industrial estates of SIPCOT and port complexes are covered by exclusive police stations. Such an arrangement helps solve most of the issues of conflict between labour and management. Labour unrests across the state are anticipated and addresed to prevent any issue from escalating. Lay off, lock out and strikes that hinder industry-friendly atmosphere are handled adroitly.

Police officers maintain cordial relationship with the local leaders of trade unions and assist sorting-out differences between management and workers and prevent labour from resorting to violent forms of protest. Police also maintains good liaison with the officers of labour department during negotiations and helps find amicable solutions.

Prompt action is taken by the police on complaints of thefts or misappropriation from industrial units. Efforts are made to detect crime and restore stolen properties to the owners. The police personnel in the industrial estates march on night beats to prevent pilferages, thefts and other mischief by vandals.


CBMs at the districts...

Confidence building measures through coordination meetings are ensured by the Commissioners of Police and District Superintendents of Police with the management of the industries in their jurisdiction, to identify and sort-out the problems or threats encountered by them in their day-to-day administration and management.

Highway patrols monitor the movement of heavy vehicles transporting raw materials to industrial units and finished goods from industry and prevent any major and minor thefts en route.

The IT corridors in the state are covered by police beats and patrols providing sufficient protection to the employees, especially women workers, who commute to and from their offices at odd hours. Private vehicles engaged by the companies for their movement are properly checked to prevent untoward incidents.


Well-funded to keep it fit and firm

Police machinery has been equipped with excellent infrastructure such as vehicles, buildings and modern gadgets by the state government. They have also been equipped with trained and sophisticated manpower. Such support keeps Tamil Nadu in the vanguard of economic and social development.

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