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The Economics – Science divide

After long years I visited the Madras Christian College (MCC) where I worked during 1960-62. The Miller Memorial Library kindled nostalgic thoughts: it provided access to rare books like Lane Poole’s History of Mughal Empire, needed for my paper on History of Administration. The library was a great help in my acquiring my second PG degree. So much for nostalgia.
I participated in the 39th annual conference of the Association of Economists of Tamil Nadu hosted by MCC.
Over the years the state lost its passion for applied economics. As mentioned by a professor of economics at the conference, southern and western India were too much enamored by engineering and medicine and left the field of economics to the north and the east! Just look at the large numbers of economic research institutions concentrated in Delhi!
I was happy to note the faculties of economic departments of colleges in Tamil Nadu actively participating in the conference. I applaud the association and MCC hosting such meetings. I do hope the Association will endeavour to kindle interest in applied economics.

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