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KG ahead in EV space…

Pune-based Kinetic Green (KG) is seeing big opportunities in electric 3-wheelers to serve last mile transport for passengers using metro stations.

The electric vehicle industry has seen the entry of several new as well as established players into this space. Pune-headquartered Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd. founded by Sulajja Firodia Motwani is part of the Kinetic and Firodia Group. Started in 2015 with the goal of providing green mobility, the company offers a range of battery-operated vehicles, e-autorickshaws, e-carts and buddies.

Kinetic Green has an indigenous IP for design and development, on-ground testing capabilities and an impressive localisation programme.

It pioneered development of an Automotive Research Association of India [ARAI]-approved electric 3-wheeler as well as the lithium-ion battery technology for its vehicles. It has also introduced first battery swapping technology with Ola with a fleet of 100 electric 3-wheelers at Nagpur and Gurgaon.

5000 3-wheelers a month

Kinetic Green is one of two manufacturers of electric 3-wheelers to qualify for Government of India’s FAME II incentives. The company has achieved 90 per cent localisation for its vehicles and is now working towards achieving 100 per cent. Its manufacturing unit is located at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, with an assembly capacity of 5000 electric 3-wheelers per month.

Passenger connectivity to metro

Several metro stations across India are attempting to offer last mile connectivity to their passengers. Kinetic is seeing a big opportunity to catering to this need. The company has been working with Metro stations at New Delhi, Kochi and Nagpur.

Kinetic Green aims to provide affordable last mile ride at Rs 10. As a pilot project, this has been carried out in agreement with the Nagpur Maha Metro. A ride in the popular brand Kinetic Safar can be booked through a mobile app online through card or mobile payment.

Initially Nagpur metro stations can access 20 electric vehicles. These will be increased to 15 vehicles per metro station. Maha Metro Nagpur is installing charging facility at all its metro stations. Kinetic Green has been providing similar fleet operations for last mile connectivity at Kochi Metro stations. In future, the company is planning to go for retail sales through its 150 dealerships across the country.

Brand Kinetic

In October, the company launched its mid-speed electric vehicle Kinetic Safar Star for last-mile delivery needs. The first of its kind EV has been designed to carry loads up to 400 kg. This has been designed for urban transport applications to ride through crowded city streets free of emissions and noise.

The salient features of Kinetic Safar Star are a maximum speed of 40 km/hour, an advanced lithium-ion 48 V battery with 150 Ah power, a 3-year warranty on the battery and vehicle, a driving range up to 130 km per charge with a swappable battery option and zero-emission.

Kinetic has designed, manufactured and sold close to 20,000 electric vehicles so far and had earned revenue of Rs.61 crore. It is aiming for sales volume of 15,000 units by the end of this fiscal.

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