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US Elections 2020 – Is there a winner?

Trump Lost, Is there a Winner?

by Bhamy Shenoy

Usually the winner of the US presidential election is known within few hours of the closing  of voting.  But during the 2020 election, the clear winner emerged only  after  five days  because of razor-thin margins in  the  battleground states.

US Electoral College :

The Electoral College is a concept unique to the US election system where popular votes do not decide the final victor. Each state has electoral votes equal to the number of Congressional delegates – total number of senators and house members (like the Lok Sabha (LS) and Rajya Sabha(RS) members). This was originally meant to even the playing field of large, populated states disproportionately influencing election results. Now, it has come  to symbolise the power  of people in less-populated, more rural and conservative states.


US elections 2020

Interested reader may access the complete article (Page 17) in the Industrial Economist December 2020 issue.

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