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TATA Group to invest in Digital,High Electronics

Author: K T Jagannathan, Vijaya Durga, Dr K Narayanan

On the Pongal Day (14 Jan), Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran announced: “Tata Group plans to invest in digital, high-end electronics and healthcare in a post-pandemic world.” He also said “anything that is digital, we’re making a big bet on.” Tata Group is planning to have an umbrella app for all its consumer businesses. Tatas are also planning to invest more in electric vehicles, technology adoption and automation using artificial intelligence, internet of things, connected devices and data.

 Tata chairman is looking at new opportunities in 2021 and commented; “I’ve been quite surprised with the speed with which the economy is recovering and bouncing back”.

 A welcome news for Tamil Nadu is the plan of Tatas to set up a large high end electronics complex at Krishnagiri.

By K T Jagannathan, Vijaya Durga and Dr K Narayanan

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