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Development IS not confined to economics

Development IS not confined to economics Your write up about MIDS: [Sailing off-course, IE-January.] Your complaint that the Institute has departed from its original focus on economics. Let me clarify: MIDS was never an institute meant for development economics. It was recognised that ‘development’ could not be confined to economics

Grandmaster @ 12 years 10 months and 13 days

Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu of Chennai, has become the second youngest grandmaster in the history of Chess! Child prodigies in this era are many, but even Anand is surprised at how young the game has gotten. By reaching the final round of the Gredine Open in Italy, this little boy from Padi

IE AT 50

We were overwhelmed by the support we received from academics, business leaders, industry bodies, policymakers, scientists and readers of IE, for celebrating the golden jubilee. The deliberations at the conference were well chiseled and rich. We present excerpts of presentation by the 34 speakers: INAUGURAL SESSION The Challenges: infrastructure, technology, resource shortage,

The Man Behind the Magazine

Industrial Economist has been synonymous with S Viswanathan (SV). Over the years, he has interacted with politicians, business leaders and community activists and had written thousands of articles. As our father, our association is a bit more personal. We see our father as comfortable with a head of state or a business leader

From Maths To Economics

How a chance encounter led me to change professions and launch Industrial Economist. In 1962, a chance encounter with publisher Krishna Srinivas, a poet of considerable merit, changed my destiny. KSri, as we called him, published a hand-composed journal titled Indian Industries. The magazine fascinated me and I offered to help