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Bold and breath-taking…

The smooth passage of the bill repealing Article 370 and 35A in both the houses of Parliament marks an important watershed in the country’s evolution. The move was well-planned and executed. A few thousand troops were sent to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in advance. Tourists, including Amarnath yatris and students from


There should be great relief over the lengthy election process coming to an end. The relief is for a large number of political parties, thousands of candidates, the Election Commission and of course, to the public. Spread over two months, especially during the sweltering heat of summer, the process appeared

Voted for decisive action

The 68-year-old Narendra Damodardas Modi cruises to a second term in office. With that, he becomes the first non-Congress Prime Minister to return to power for a full five-year term. The BJP has won over 300 seats and with its partners, the NDA has a stunning tally of 350. The

Higher priority for railways

Railway development received high priority under the NDA II government. First under Suresh Prabhu and subsequently under Piyush Goyal, the railway portfolio gained weight. While the dedicated freight corridor initiated earlier by the UPA government was a major milestone, it has been taking long years to make an impact. The handsome

Need for a new integrated energy plan

There is a significant energy transition taking place in the world and India needs a new integrated energy plan. The NDA gets a pass grade while the UPA fails. As we move towards the next general election, let’s compare NDA’s performance in the petroleum sector with that of the UPA. Lower international

Why did crude price fail to sky-rocket?

Ever since President Donald Trump led a US walkout of the Iran nuclear deal, oil pundits have been busy writing elegant prose on how oil prices have been strengthening. They changed their previous price forecasts to predict higher prices Oil prices have been heading northward since the beginning of the year