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First in maintaining law and order

Conflict resolution is vital for any country to develop and prosper. It is not possible for a country to develop if the macroeconomic environment is affected by industrial unrest, labour problems or worse, a war. In the various phases of industrial development, there will be labour issues and problems, competition and

Japan India bhai-bhai

In 1952, Japan and India established a diplomatic relationship and since then the two nations have been strengthening their bilateral relations through trade, commerce and technical co-operation. The complementarities that exist between the two countries provide vast potential for growth in their economic ties. During the visit of Prime Minister Modi

An hour with Minister Sampath

In an impromptu interaction, I found the Tamil Nadu Industry Minister fully armed with facts and furnished figures to project Tamil Nadu. The minister described 2018 as a significant milestone: “the Tamil Nadu Business Facilitation Act and Rules was passed. The state launched a new web-based single window system. A simplified