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Nilam threatens the city

OFFICES were declared holiday. The roads were deserted. Nilam cyclone tried to threaten the people of
Chennai with its pre warnings but a sea of people had gathered along the coast to witness in live, a
cyclone crossing the shore.  Adventure was assured with spraying sand and pushing air. People were
battling with it, with live updates on Facebook and Twitter. It was an added treat for those at the Elliots
beach. The ship MT Pratibha Cauvery had run ashore the Elliots sands and people thronged to get a sight of this historic event. The ship was denied docking at the harbour and the winds pushed it to the beach.With the crew struck inside, local fisher men braved the tides and saved a few of them.

Later MT Pratibha Cauvery was pushed further to Nochikuppam by the winds and the area became an instant tourist spot. Local businesses started to flourish with thousands of people wanting to register their memory with the ship that ran ashore.

The Chennai police, the Corporation and the Conservancy services worked hand in hand to bring back
normalcy within a few days of Nilam Fallen trees were cleared, electricity was quickly restored.

This ship had brought back memories of yet another ship, Stamatis which was struck at the Marina
during the storm of 1966. Many onlookers had then travelled close to the stranded ship unaware of the buried, sharp steel girders and it had proved fatal. After many mishaps the wreckage was removed in the 1990s.

Cyclones usually lock up people at their homes but this one kindled the adventure in and it was a
memory to cherish. 
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