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End of the world and the moving finger...

IF THIS ISSUE hits the stands, and you get to read it, then you know that the world did not end on 21 December 2012.

End of the world and the moving finger...
It would mean that the world did not go up in smoke. It would mean that Jupiter did not collide with the Earth. It would mean that World War III did not happen. 

All that it would have meant is that the Mayan’s ‘long calendar’ ended; not the world. After all, the calendar had to end on some day. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, there is no escaping, you still have to pay your EMIs and your outstanding on the credit card. Let’s get to understand this better. 

After all the hoopla over 12-12-12, there is incessant talk about 21-12-12. Look, the Mayan calendar runs between 3114 BC and 2012 AD; that is all of 5126 years. Now does that mean that the world began only in 3114 BC? If no, then why should it mean that the world would end in 2012? Mark it; the Mayan calendar itself has references to dates both before 3114 BC and after 2012 AD. 

A cottage industry...

What has essentially happened is that a whole set of people have cashed in on the noise. Sample these:

Dan Brown’s 2009 best-seller, The Lost Symbol, featured a coded email number (2456282.5) that, according to The Washington Post, reads, as “December 21, 2012.” 

The blockbuster movie 2012 was inspired by the doomsday year. The film’s promotion had a campaign in which people were asked to get ready to face the end of the world. The film raked a mammoth $770 million.

In 1997, the pop song, “A Certain Shade of Green” had a lyric thus: “Are you gonna stand around till 2012 A.D? / What are you waiting for, a certain shade of green?”  

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