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Question on Operation X


IN WHAT CAN  surely be called a neatly timed execution of Ajmal Kasab carried out with clinical 
precision for which the State needs to be complimented, there are many argumentative Indians who have begun to ask questions.  

1.      Why was Kasab hanged at 0730 hours? 
2.      Why was he hanged just before the Parliament session began? 
3.      Why was he buried in the prison? Should the prison double as a crematorium? 
4.      Why was his body not thrown into the sea like that of Bin Laden? 
5.      Why is the hangman’s identity not revealed? 
6.      Why was there no prior intimation about his hanging? Should the nation not have watched the 
         hanging on television? 
7.      Why has Afzal Guru not yet hung? 
8.      Were Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh really kept in the dark?  
9.      Did the government wait for information from Pakistan about non-acceptance of Kasab’s corpse 
         by his family members before cremating him? 
10.   Is hanging not equally cold blooded? 

Silly questions? Yes. That’s how we carry out our national debates. 
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