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Karvy on the curvy roads

The calamitous events of Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank and Dewan Housing Finance Corporation led many to believe that it was picture Khatam Ho Gaya for the depression in India’s fiscal sector. But the developments at the-Karvy Stock Broking, Hyderabad, have demonstrated that picture Abhi Baki Hai. Earlier, India has seen

SEBI: Gaps in oversight…

Today, we are able to attract marquee investors to the trading floors. Thanks to the framework created by SEBI. There is an urgent need to fill up some of the gaps in disclosures and enforcement. Otherwise, SEBI will be like the cops in the Indian movies showing up after the


In life, we make choices by analysing the various options available and will choose the best one that could lead our life towards the goal. Financial planning is not different from the above rule. Each one of us wishes to be financially independent. For achieving this, we should fix a