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E-health record for all…

PrescribeNET, a national electronic prescription infrastructure, is a simple solution to cure. The healthcare industry can take advantage of the digital India push. India faces massive challenges for quality healthcare delivery. Simple and scalable solutions are the need of the hour. India has have demonstrated the ability to leverage technology to

Institutionalising excellence…

All countries struggle to deliver affordable, high-quality healthcare to their citizens. A resource-constrained nation like India requires drastic re-engineering of the healthcare delivery model. This calls for multiple complementary interventions, starting from community-level disease prevention to complex multidisciplinary management of diseases like cancer and heart ailments. Three realities amplify the healthcare

Chennai, the medical capital of India

A range of single-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals with cutting edge medical facilities, operated by renowned doctors makes Chennai, ‘the medical capital’. People flock from beyond the Vindhyas and from overseas for specialised treatment here. Apollo Hospitals, which changed the landscape of medical care, and own branded healthcare centres across India,