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Time to change gear

The way India drives vehicles may change soon and we will possibly witness a revolution in road safety. The government has approved the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill and has pronounced stringent penalties for contravention of traffic rules. Welcome harsh provisions have been proposed for juvenile driving, driving without a permit, unsafe

Demand constantly ahead of capacity…

For the past 50 months, the Indian Aviation industry has seen double-digit, month-over-month growth, and this trend continues. To facilitate this growth, infrastructure development needs to go hand-in-hand. Chennai was once the gateway for entire south India, and even today Tamil Nadu is unique with four International Airports spread across the


Tamil Nadu has an extensive rail network that facilitates cargo and passenger movement to different parts of the state. Four of the six divisions of the southern railway are located in Tamil Nadu and account for a large share of the network of 5081 route km, moving 55 millions of