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Re-incarnation of Sagar’s Ramayan THE UNPRECEDENTED total lock- down has demanded a total change in the daily routine of the citizens. It shouldn’t be easy for all to adjust to this change, especially for those on whom time hangs heavily. Working out of home calls for attitudes and disciplines of different kinds. Most

JIO mere Laal…

India continues to be an economy where currying favour with the government can ensure significant and enduring benefits. To outlive and flourish, the government must be gratified. And Reliance has been a textbook case. On 1 July 2015 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved into the amphitheater of Indira Gandhi Indoor

Increasing German investments in Tamil Nadu

T R Gopalan, Regional Director, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, mentioned increasing investments from Germany in Tamil Nadu. With the reputation of Germany in engineering excellence there is increasing interest in hi-tech companies setting up manufacturing facilities in Tamil Nadu. The latest is Witzenmann India that opened its production facility at Chromepet.