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We can do it by 2030…

It is exhilarating to hear Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala (AJ) of IIT-M that a paradigm shift to electric vehicles (EVs) is not just desirable but can certainly be done. Delivering the Dr. Y Nayudamma Memorial Lecture at the CLRI, AJ provided a development model for EVs tailored to the Indian conditions and

Taking the state for a ride

Post-liberalisation, states were aggressive in attracting mega investments. There was also the prospect for setting up ancillary units. There were intense competition and race-to-the-bottom incentive wars. In the automobile sector Maharashtra, Haryana and Tamil Nadu indulged in such competition. Maharashtra, the leader, was among the first to offer complete exemption from


With humongous transformations in the auto-industry, which are bound to have massive global implications, cities and carmakers turn partners in the search for efficient urban mobility. The automobile industry is perhaps the most organised of industrial sectors in the world. It has an annual turnover of $3.5 trillion and generates employment