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Movies go global

Do you know that more people go to the theatres when the chips are down? Do you know that biggies in the M&E spaces view India as highly attractive? The acquisition of SPI Cinemas by PVR has been a disruptive development. International studios are spending heavily to gain a toehold

It is a mad, MAD ad world today

An insider’s narration of the dramatic transformation in the field of Indian advertising over the last five decades. Advertising has had an eloquent history in India. Western thinking and English- based scripts dominated its early days. By the 1960’s, reputed international agencies like J Walter Thompson, Ogilvy Benson and Mather and


A growing middle class, rising disposable incomes, high volume of content consumption and a favourable regulatory environment are driving the digital media industry and helping it flourish. The global media and entertainment industry has witnessed significant technological and market changes in the last decade. In India, the changes have been even