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India needs a vision and a long-term strategy to help any segment to emerge globally competitive with a large volume of production. Sugar mills can create capacity for 3 million tonnes of newsprint, based on bagasse. This can make India a large producer with competitive price advantage. The budget has

Lifetime achievement award to SV

It was a proud moment for all of us who were mentored by Editor S Viswanathan (SV). The Rotary Club of Madras, Chennapatna, presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to the veteran journalist. The green revolution of the 1960s, the railway strike and the Emergency of the 1970s, the assassination of Mrs.

Pulling millions out of poverty…

Large financial institutions like the World Bank, IMF and KfW lend for countries and projects across the globe. ADB funds countries in the Asia Pacific region. My recent visit to the Asian Development Bank, Manila, provided the opportunity to look at the impact of a global financial institution in funding the

Indian Cities to go Smart

Ramesh Subramaniam is Director General, South-East Asia at the Asian Development Bank, Manila. He was highly appreciative of the wide range of subjects that we had covered on India 2030 in the IE golden jubilee commemorative volume in March 2018. I had a business trip scheduled a trip to Philippines.

The case for keeping petrol prices HIGH

India depends on imports for meeting its petroleum product needs to the extent of 80 per cent. With global oil producers limiting production, with Iran, a large producer facing US sanctions, prices of crude oil and hence of petroproducts, have been registering increases and these impact domestic prices. There has

Magnificent ‘Modicare’

Narendra Modi’s Independence Day address this year was a rich admixture of poetry, oration, a report card and announcements on new visionary projects. Being the last of the Independence Day addresses in his current five-year term, understandably, the speech formed the curtain-raiser for the 2019 election campaign. Modi listed out the

The Man Behind the Magazine

Industrial Economist has been synonymous with S Viswanathan (SV). Over the years, he has interacted with politicians, business leaders and community activists and had written thousands of articles. As our father, our association is a bit more personal. We see our father as comfortable with a head of state or a business leader

From Maths To Economics

How a chance encounter led me to change professions and launch Industrial Economist. In 1962, a chance encounter with publisher Krishna Srinivas, a poet of considerable merit, changed my destiny. KSri, as we called him, published a hand-composed journal titled Indian Industries. The magazine fascinated me and I offered to help