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A trillion-dollar electronics manufacture…

From component manufacturing to exports, Josh Foulger of Foxconn India has a grand vision to establish India as a global hub of electronics] In April 2015, Josh was hired by Foxconn to head its India business and operations. Josh has established Foxconn as Number One Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company in

Digital Disruption

Disruption is the order of the day. They force organisations to change the way in which they operate. Some companies have been proactive and others turned out mere spectators. For instance, Eastman Kodak saw these disruptive forces coming in but did not act thinking that it is not going to affect

Dawn of a New Technological Era

Sweeping technological developments such as IoT, Big Data, and AI have a far-reaching impact on the functioning of governments, business ecosystems as well as everyday lives. Putting this double-edged sword to its best use lies in how responsibly we incorporate it for development of all rather than few. The world is