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BJP outwitted in Karnataka

If there is one welcome outcome from the fast-moving political developments in Karnataka, it is the arrival of a young professional leadership in the Congress. It had learned the lessons from Goa, Manipur and Assam and was not to be outwitted by the BJP again. For the first time, the Congress

Poll Reforms or Political Reforms?

We would be turning a blind eye towards the grave prognostications of turning into a failed democratic experiment if we don’t bring in immediate electoral measures. Seven decades ago, India solemnly resolved to adhere to the ideals of equity, liberty, equality and fraternity. She chose a democratic form of government in

And there is nothing personal about it.

He has finally done it. Jumped into politics: hook, line, and sinker. The master actor, the Nayagan of Kollywood, Kamal Haasan, has in one sense done the unthinkable. At the other end, the other man, the one they call the superstar, Rajinikanth, continues to mouth vague inanities that you can