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States sugarcane BIMARU 2021

For years the ‘BIMARU’ states were complained of pulling down the growth indicators of the nation. It is a welcome change that these very states are undergoing spectacular transformation through the focus on development and jobs

Finances not in great shape

O Panneerselvam, in his budget speech, presented a detailed report on the performance of the different departments and listed the allocations. The budget for 2020-21 estimates revenue of Rs 219,375 crore comprising Rs 149,429 crore of state’s revenues and Rs 69,946 crore as Central transfers in the form of shared taxes

A good PR effort

India offers an inspiring example for many countries around the world with an impressive track record of expanding access to electricity and clean cooking for its citizens, implementing a range of energy market reforms. – IEA It is gratifying to receive such high praise from the International Energy Agency (IEA) in

Institutionalising excellence…

All countries struggle to deliver affordable, high-quality healthcare to their citizens. A resource-constrained nation like India requires drastic re-engineering of the healthcare delivery model. This calls for multiple complementary interventions, starting from community-level disease prevention to complex multidisciplinary management of diseases like cancer and heart ailments. Three realities amplify the healthcare